Friday, 16 March 2012

Merde alors! The London Olympics

Some reasons for opposing the London Olympics:

i) It is a vast waste of public money. If we really have to have this quadrennial circus then it should be held at its purpose-built site in Athens every four years.

ii) The security operation alone is a monstrous feeding frenzy for the “security industry” and its allies: parts of east London are effectively no go areas and London itself will be subject to massive disruption.

iii) The seventeen-day athletics event is really an elaborate cover for a speculative bonanza on the back of publicly funded land remediation.

iv) The Olympics site has eliminated hundreds of homes, businesses, green spaces, and allotments, amid specious claims about local benefits.

v) The continuing sponsorship deal with Dow Chemicals responsible for the world's worst industrial accident in Bhopal reveals a deep cynicism surrounding the use of terms such as sustainability, the "green games", and other epithets of corporate responsibility.

vi) This part of east London had extensive “wild nature” that is far more beautiful and interesting than the vapid spaces now being created.

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